How do I check my guests into the event?

There are two ways that you can check in your guests. 

Option 1: Search and swipe

  • Open Bouncer and tap on your event in the 'Live' events tab to reveal your master guest list.  
  • Find your guest by either scrolling through the list, or by searching their first/last name in the provided search bar. 
  • Swipe right on their name. A green bar will appear to confirm that your guest has been checked in properly. 
  • If you accidentally check in the wrong person, you can swipe left to undo the check in. 

Option 2: Scan their ticket

  • NOTE: This option is only available for tickets purchased on The QR scanner in Bouncer will not scan tickets from other ticketing sites. 
  • Open Bouncer and tap on your event in the 'Live' events tab
  • Find the QR scan icon '[ ]' at the bottom of the screen, in the center of the toolbar.
  • Allow Bouncer to access your camera
  • Place the provided Up All Night ticket within the camera view to check in.
    • If the ticket is valid, a GREEN confirmation dialogue will appear with the ticket holders name and ticket type. 
    • If the ticket is invalid, a RED confirmation dialogue will appear. 
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