Can I transfer a ticket to a friend?

NOTE: As a Gold member, it's important to understand that your access to free and discount Gold tickets is only for you as the account holder.

Partying is obviously better with friends, so when we have enough Gold inventory to share, we will permit the purchase of more than one Gold discount ticket for an event.

We recommend that you and your friend arrive together. If you cannot, you may request to transfer the second ticket via The Concierge, or

DO NOT, under any circumstances, sell your Gold tickets. A second Gold ticket is meant to be used only by the friend going out with you.

We reserve the right to cancel tickets and/or membership for any member caught abusing this policy. 

Free Gold tickets are never transferrable. Free Gold ticket access is for members only.


To transfer a ticket you must use the website.

1. Ask your friend for their username.

2. Tap on the order you want to transfer.

3. Tap on the transfer button below the ticket. (screenshot below)

4. Type in the user name of the friend to whom you want to transfer.

Your ticket will be transferred to the user.

IMPORTANT: Transfers are FINAL and may only be done once. Be sure that your decision is final before transferring. Tickets CANNOT be transferred back.

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