How do I create an event?

Head over to and fill out the form. You can also find this form by clicking on the 'Create' button located on the top toolbar on

Required fields include Name, Venue, Start/End Time, and Image. Note that when entering a venue, you must type in the name and then select one of the results that will appear, in order for it to save. Contact if your venue is not listed.

A note on event images:

We highly recommend that when choosing an image to use for your event, select one that has a pixel ratio of around 1200x600, and make sure it does not have text. Text images clash with the event details as displayed both on the web an in our iOS app, and can affect readability from the listing. See examples below

Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_5.33.42_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_5.32.19_PM.png


Fields that are not required, but recommended, are Genres, Artists, Promoters, and Description: 

  • Adding genres - You can choose up to 3 of our supported genres to tag your event with. Our list of genres can be found here:
  • Adding artists - Begin typing an artist name, and select the appropriate result. You can select as many artists as you see fit. Contact if your artist is not in our system.
  • Adding promoters - Begin typing a promoter name, and select the appropriate result. You can select as many promoters as you see fit. If the venue is also a promoter, or is the only promoter, you need only to check the 'Venue is Promoter' box located directly beneath the Promoters field. 

After filing out these details, hitting Save Changes will take you to the event dashboard, where you can add tickets and publish the event. 

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